Online Fundraising

Highest Fundraisers

Highest Fundraising Corporate Team – St.George Bank

Congratulations to St.George Bank – taking out Highest Fundraising Team and Overall Challenge Champion! St.George Bank raised a staggering $27,695.00 for children with special needs and newborn care. 

As a token of appreciation for all of their efforts, St.George Bank has received a $1,000 gift certificate from Loxley on Bellbird Hill.

Highest Individual Fundraiser

Matthew Kelly from St.George Bank was our highest individual fundraiser for 2018. His impressive efforts raised an enormous $13,100.00 (including St.George Bank matched giving).


Thank you to these businesses who have raised over $5,000:

  • AIIB
  • AYAM
  • Champion’s Business Growth Advisers
  • Coleman Greig Lawyers
  • Macquarie Bank
  • Westmead Hospital Foundation

Thank you to these individuals who have raised over $2,000:

  • Stephen Champion, Champion's Business Growth Advisers
  • Maya Thapa, St.George Bank
  • Jared Bilbija, Macquarie Bank
  • Richard Mo, AYAM
  • Sam McCarthy, Macquarie Bank
  • Andrew Grima, Coleman Greig Lawyers
  • Warrick McLean, Coleman Greig Lawyers
  • Generose Malana, St.George Bank